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Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussions (TAFFD’s) is a global nongovernmental organization registered in the USA that serves as a futuristic think tank endeavored to the education and engagement urgency to help people understand the benefits and challenges of technology applied to high-impact industries and disciplines across the world.


Building A Future

Our organization aims to demonetize progress through knowledge

TAFFD’s shall be an umbrella, welcoming and supporting all scholars, from all walks of life, nationality & ethnicity. Our members acquire basic privileges starting from 10 years old and upwards for those who avail the opportunity to air their views based on transformative, innovative knowledge. For our organization, age is not a barrier for entry. Those experts between 10 years and 18 years operate on the level of TAFFD’s Teens. There are other services rendered by TAFFD’s depending on the type of organizations to be served. In our terminology, we use the word parastatal to describe self-regulatory organizations.

A Hub For Scholars

A space to expand the mind to limitless possibilities

An online citadel of knowledge, TAFFD’s is a hub where scholars from all walks of life, field of studies, research interests (old or new) come to share their ideas for the growth, development, and improvement of human knowledge and society considering the complexity facing the man and his environment. Experts from every field get exposure to each other and can develop newer and better solutions. Discussions form the bedrock for newer insights, which allows one to look at complex problems in a dispassionate, dissected manner. Our forum encourages participation & acknowledges each and every one’s measured and erudite opinions.


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Human Capital

Our team is made of creative & revolutionary leaders

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What our members say

Reflections on our mission, activities & hopes

Sam Gohil
I've always wanted to join something like TAFFD's. Their activities gave me a lot of experience and their team is absolutely awesome.
Alejandro De la Parra Solomon
A dauntless initiative that boldly contributes to the global development of the futurist & transhumanist vision.
Nikki Pamnani
What attracts me about TAFFD's is its vision to unite inspiring minds for open discussion. It is a truly effective way to learn and bring impactful change to society.

News from the Future

Enhance your knowledge with game-changing information on the present & the future

The Wrong Face of Geniuses: Einstein did Nothing Extraordinary – By Osinakachi Akuma Kalu

The Wrong Face of Geniuses: Einstein did Nothing Extraordinary – By Osinakachi Akuma Kalu

Exordium Whatever we are or think of should have LIFE as it’s END. That’s why life is the chief value. We are because there are things lacking we ought to improve and not degenerate. It is against this backdrop that I affirmed that “we have come to change the world […]

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Xenophobic Attack on Nigerians: A Miscarriage of Justice

Xenophobic Attack on Nigerians: A Miscarriage of Justice

Life is the chief value. In the Africa value system, it is seen as sacred. So, any target against it should and ought to be frowned at. It is inhuman to use death as a message or sign of superiority. There are better ways to settle conflicts than killing. Don’t […]

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TAFFD’s Grand Patron: Aubrey de Grey

TAFFD’s Grand Patron: Aubrey de Grey

The TAFFD’s family is expanding rapidly as kin interest from well-meaning academics and bodies, especially those with emerging thoughts draws near. As institutions, bodies, organizations and movements partner with TAFFD’s, endorsing all that they do, there are lots more to come. With this in mind, Dr. Aubrey de Gray emerges […]

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Different ways to get a Ph.D.

Different ways to get a Ph.D.

Maybe not just lets offer you valuable entrance article help but additionally offer you a recommendation letter plus a personal declaration which can be therefore important whenever applying for a faculty or university. Every pupil would love to find admittance i

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