TAFFD\’s Magazine: 2019 Call for Papers



TAFFD’s Magazine is building integrity as the global destination for news, current updates, advertising and research medium. We have traversed the world industries of robotics, information technology, communications, education, journalism, dispute resolution, silicon value industries, telecommunication, politics, marriage, family,  agriculture, economies, sports and more to avail you of what is happening around you. We aim to offer you integrated print and online advertising opportunities to ensure advertisers can easily extend their messaging impacts across all media platforms. Amidst the changing curves in media communities, the TAFFD’s would be, as usual, the most important reading for influential continents in all arena and for discerning readers and customers across the world. We expect to be an important aspect of your advertisement program in the year to come.

In 2019, TAFFD’s magazine was launched to provide a briefing on global affairs, business, culture, design and much more. We believed that there was a globally minded audience of readers who were hungry for opportunities and experiences beyond their national borders.

TAFFDs Magazine is a branch of Transdisciplinary Agora For Future Discussions Inc. The Magazine is a global centered magazine that welcome write ups from Africa, Europe, America and Asia.

Basically, it focuses on getting:

  1. Groundbreaking articles in,

Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, and Digital Fabrications, Fearism, Networks and Computing System, Medicine and Neuroscience, Design, E, entrepreneurship, Communication, Finance, and Economics, Future Studies and Forecasting, Policy, Law & Ethics, Humanitarian Challenges, and Balanceology.

  1. Investigations

Political Corruptions, Serious Crimes and Cooperate Wrong Doings.

  1. Review/Constructive Criticism

-Administrative Reviews
-Political Reviews
– Review of Mainline Books
– Company Reviews

  1. Evaluation/Nomination

– Five best books of the year
– Five best cooperate, leaders of the year,
– Five best presidents of the year and
– Five best Entrepreneurs of the year.

  1. Scholarly Interviews


  1. Submission of articles is free. They should be plagiarism free. If the article is approved for publication, the body will send you an email for notification.
  2. Any article, investigation, evaluation/nomination, review, criticism, etc should be well written. Please furnish your email, phone contact (if necessary), and two sentences about yourself along with your article.
  3. The required language is English.
  4. Last day of submission is Saturday, 19th October 2019.



    1. The Emergence of Homo Digitalis: A Cyber anthropological View
    2. Deconstructionism and the Imperatives of a Global Epistemology.
    3. The Knowledge Economy and Industry 4.0: Theoretical and Pragmatic Approach
    4. Gender Equality a Necessary Pursuit or a Myth.
    5. An Investigation into Ideal Child upbringing in a Techno-Complex Society.
    6. Re-evaluating Morality in the changing world.
    7. Mental Health awareness in the world of Enterprise and Companies.
    8. Artificial Intelligence and Cloning: Ethical Biases and Intersections.
    9. A better way for Regional Qualification.
    10. The Position of Copyright Law and the emergence of AI in the Music Industry.
    11. Electronic Voting and the possibility of Manipulating Result.
    12. National Security and Hacking Management Education.
    13. Ethical Hacking a mere abstract postulation or a fact?
    14. A Critical Evaluation of the Possibility of Using Mass Incarceration for vote suppression.
    15. The struggle between digital and analog education in the Developing World.
    16. Education and Technology: Inseparable Twins.
    17. Educational Leadership: Young people are to be Equipped Effectively to meet the Challenges of the 21st Century.
    18. Female Mentorship: Biggest Professional Challenges.
    19. Data; the new God.
    20. Free speech Vs freedom of information
    21. Politics and technology; the struggle for relevance.
    22. The implication of Diversity Fatigue in legal practice
    23. Finding the \”essence\” of MOTHERHOOD in a Society seeking for equality.
    24. The Meaningless of Fundamental Human Right in the Personalistic driven age.
  1. The Application of Immunity, frustration to the common man
  2. Unsuccessful Homo Sapiens seeking to be Homo-Deus.
  3. The emergence of Singularity, a call for sustainable Fear Management Education [FME]
  4. Will \’data\’ be atheistic or theistic?
  5. 21 Century Foreign policy – engagement with local stakeholders for the strategic direction
  6. Developing countries elections and big data/ infotech management
  7. Sustainable development in digital leadership- an economic gateways
  8. Economic clusters in the face of SME empowerment.
  9. Job creation via entrepreneurship- a modern way extremism and violence reduction strategy.
  10. Overpopulation vs under population is a myth – policy engagement to generate an economically active population.
  11. Increasing wealth base – a function of effective implementation of financial education
  12. Explainable artificial intelligence – response to future organizational decision making
  13. Data visualization and analytics – provide a framework for users
  14. Ethics and equity in artificial intelligence- highlights great potentials in quantitative accuracy, ethics, and fairness
  15. Peace engineering: A place of peace in sustainable economies
  16. The 21st-century alternative dispute resolution: A global landmark for multicultural/ multiracial and multi-religious management
  17. Mediation and conciliation approach- application and effect in developing nations
  18. Economic disability – aggravating factors to a mental health disorder.
  19. Converting disability to wealth creation.
  20. Emerging technologies and the Future of Human Society.
  21. Emerging technologies and the Physics of the Future.
  22. Future Discussions (or studies) and the Physics of the Future.

**_You can as well submit related articles, considering the theme and the nature of the magazine*_*

Word Limit:-

Minimum :- 1000

Maximum:- 3000

Sarita Sharma, Ph.D

Editor-in-Chief for the Magazine

Email saritashares@gmail.com

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