Month: January 2020

TAFFD\’s Journal

TAFFD\’s Journal invites well researched innovative articles (both empirical and opinions) in all areas of publication from every discipline on contemporary global philosophies like Futurism or Futurology, Fearism or Fearology, Transhumanism, Philosophy of Science, Engineering, Communication, Science, Education, Environmental Science, Politic, Social Sciences, etc.

TAFFD\’s Awards

This is where TAFFD\’s Awards winners are to be published. The schedule of our dates & timings of various contests is also published here from time to time.

TAFFD\’s Teens

In this section, the presentations of TAFFD\’s teenagers will be showcased. Between the ages of 10 to 18, young minds develop their mental capabilities and potential. It is important for educational institutions to encourage & reward talented young minds so as to nurture them for future responsibilities.