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ISSN: 2643-4938 (Online)

Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussions (TAFFDs) Journal is an International reputable scholarly publication owned by TAFFDs Inc, USA. The Journal invites well-researched innovative articles (both empirical and opinions) in all areas of publication from every discipline for its issue in April 2020. The areas include but not limited to, contemporary global philosophies like Arts, Medical Sciences, Futurology, Fearology, Transhumanism, Philosophy, Engineering, Communication, Natural Science, Education, Environmental Science, Management Sciences, and Social Sciences. The Journal provides a strong platform for researchers to proffer solutions to societal challenges arising from these areas and further the cause of scholarship in the 21th-century new media age. Articles/papers/manuscripts for publication in TAFFDs Journal must be original, and have not been published in, or submitted to, any other journal for consideration. The Referencing must be APA Referencing style, 6th edition.


  1. The manuscript/paper/article must not exceed 6000 words, be written in Times New Roman, on 12 point font size, and 1.5 line spacing.
  2. All manuscript/paper/articles should also be written in the English language with five keywords in the abstract and submitted as MS Word attachments.
  3. The names, address/institution, phone number(s), name(s) of corresponding author(s) and email of author(s) are required.
  4. Papers should be submitted to this address: doris@taffds.org
  5. The authors are advised to read the Publication Ethics and Plagiarism Policy of the journal.
  6. Only those manuscripts/papers/articles which are found original after plagiarism/originality/similarity check will be reviewed
  7. The submitted manuscripts/papers/articles will be peer-reviewed before accepting/rejecting publication.
  8. There is a publishing fee for every reviewed & accepted manuscript/paper/article. The fee is payable only and only if the article is accepted after its originality examination and peer review. There is no submission fee at the time of submission of an article.


The publication fee for each manuscript/paper/article is 80 USD only. There is no payment for the article assessment. Payments should be made to this account: Check the website for details, please.


  • Submission of articles
  • Plagiarism and Peer Review of articles
  • Feedback to Authors
  • Resubmission of corrected articles by Authors
  • Payment for publications
  • Publication of articles (Online)

Please submit your articles to doris@taffds.org (Doris N. Morah, Ph.D.- Editor-in-Chief, TAFFDs Journal) or by using the form below.



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