As we close for this three days marathon academic event tagged, \”International Conference on Future Africa: Sustaining the Source\” with the theme, \”Compliance to Global Sustainability\”. But before I proceed, I wish to thank all our participants who deemed it possible to attend this conference.


In contextualizing an idea to any reality, you need to truly understand the nature of the reality in question. This conference was in the context of Africa. So, to know Africa, the question, what is Africa? Who is Africa? And why Africa? Should be carefully analyzed for effective and efficient contextualization.

With what is happening we have seen that life is the chief value and in protecting it we need to come together as species in helping any disadvantaged segment of the whole – world to become rather than contributing to its degeneration.

Since life is the chief value, the essence of the conference is to place more value on life as we plunge into more complexities as species.
The vision of TAFFD\’s is to harness reality properly through the unification of disciplines (transdisciplinary dialogue) which is a helpmate to humanity in this age of complexity. Through demonstrated effort, we have seen that humanity can do this which was exemplified in the wordings and passion of our keynote speakers and participants. In TAFFD\’s we give a common ground for each genius (everyone is a genius in his or her own way) to find their footing.


This online conference reaffirms the quote by Myles Munroe which states that \” you don\’t need crowd but small group committed to effective transformation to make a change\”.

We have discussed so much and this conference for me actualized its purpose.This was possible because of the integral teachings of our astute twenty-nine out of thirty-three approved Keynote speakers with mind-blowing messages to Africa. All I can say is that, our keynote speakers are Afrifans.

To all who sacrificed their time and resources starting from the MC of the conference – Edward Fitzgerald I say to you, you are a good-spirited human, Mrs. Malak Trabelsi Loeb, you are indeed a springboard to success, Goodluck Arua, your expertise to this event can never be overlooked, and Goffredo Giordano, you are indeed a kindhearted bridge builder. To other technical members and communication department members you all remain celebrated. Finally, I say thank you for my amiable conference chair – Mr. Alexander Chiaha, I am happy that this event became successful amidst all odds.

These odds are pointers that a little or more should be done for more scores to be recorded (we have taken care of it).

We can\’t forget easily the endorsements and promotions from the US Transhumanist Party, Lifeboat Foundation, WAMS- World Academy for Medical Sciences, Debt Nation, Afripoint, ILA – International Longevity Alliance, etc.

Thank you for your interest and support in TAFFD\’s, we urge you to submit your free articles to, academic papers(paid and acceptable after review) to, if you are interested in TAFFD\’s Academy or can develop a futuristic course that will help in shaping the world better, please email we are in the age of automation and the future is faster than you think. We are futuristic Think Tank and we have come to stay through your support. For your support or advise email
Remain celebrated.


Osinakachi Akuma Kalu
Founder & President
Thursday 23rd April 2020
11:00pm Pacific Standard Times