For the past six months, the TAFFD\’s Team has been reformatting, reconfiguring, and reverse-engineering TAFFD\’s to become the gateway for Futurists into and out of Africa.
This Saturday we shall launch our 2nd Annual TAFFD\’s Magazine. Over 100 pages of articles, poetry, photography, and features that exemplify our transdisciplinary approach to fixing the future.
This will be a global party for our international team to celebrate what we have and are creating here and all Earthlings are welcome because, if this ain\’t fun, we\’re doing it wrong.
\"🕓\"Time – 4 PM (WAT, ST, CET).
Registration is free. Click on TAFFD\’s Event Ticket.


Covering – Exclusive interview of Dr. Natasha Vita-More.

With Scintillating topics like ‘Are Paper Ballots a Threat to our Democracy’ by David Shumaker, ‘Fear as the New World Order’ by Bijoy Mazumdar, ‘The Poverty Crisis and a Case for Universal Basic Income’ by Brent Ellman, ‘COVID, Fashion and Style’ by Tech for All Global and over thirty articles encompassing all areas of life!

PLUS – Certificate of Excellence to Futurist Authors, Keynote Speakers, Leaders, Activists, and COVID19 THE TAFFD’s CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE for futurists is issued to individuals making a remarkable impact across the globe.

The pace of progress that’s happening across multiple industries and disciplines has shown no plans of slowing down, but have shown every tendency of speeding up. New knowledge is on the radar every day. No longer can we pretend that a massive disruption in one sector cannot affect another. For example, a positive advancement in the agricultural sector positively influences the health sector as people have more and better food to eat.

The beauty is that these disruptive phenomena are embedded with incredible opportunities for all sectors to achieve remarkable productivity. Being oblivious of these opportunities is the quickest route for the industry to go into oblivion and a tragic way to operate. Accordingly, the more the momentum of progress quickens, the more needful that there should be discussion around it.

On Saturday 12th December 2020, we shall be issuing our great certificates to these great futurists during the launch of our MAGAZINE OF THE FUTURE.


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