A Call for Book Chapters

Africa and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Multi-Faceted Approach

Call for Chapters


The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) — a process and unfolding event characterized by a fusion of the digital, biological, and physical worlds, alongside the utilization of such new technologies as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, robotics, 3D printing, the \”internet of things\” and advanced wireless technologies—has driven increased development worldwide. This revolution, while ushering in a new era of economic disruption with; according to Landry Signe, uncertain socio-economic consequences for Africa yet comes with a promise to bring about transformative changes that Africa cannot afford to miss, as pointed out by experts from the Brookings Institution. Though Africa has been left behind during the past industrial revolutions, this time however can and should be different. Several African countries are witnessing economic progress, regional integration, and a rising, educated, and digitally-connected youth population that could support the spread of transformational technologies such as artificial intelligence or the internet of things. Indeed, with the 21st century described as the African Century and with Africa strategically positioned as “The Next Frontier” for global investments and development, vast opportunities are presented for Africa to leverage on and harness 4IR into becoming a global powerhouse. Nevertheless, experts yet warn that a persistent insufficiency in digital skills and lack of incoherent leadership and basic infrastructure could make Africa miss out on this major industrial revolution, and with such dire consequences this time.

A host of lingering infrastructural, educational, scientific, technological, leadership, political, business, economic conceptual, philosophical, social, cultural, gender, etc., factors and issues need to be addressed and properly structured to put Africa on track towards participation and actualization of the fourth industrial revolution on the continent. To bridge the gaps, the Africa chapter of Transdisciplinary Africa for Future Discussions (TAFFD’s) invites full paper submissions for a TAFFD’s Africa edited multi-disciplinary book collection titled: Africa and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Multifaceted Approach. This project is in keeping with the ongoing efforts to build a multi-and transdisciplinary educational resource in different areas not only for research but for classroom discussions on the subject-matter of 4IR in Africa. Contributions from scholars both within and outside Africa that engage or unveil the opportunities, risks, challenges, prospects, relevance, and strategies for an African experience of the fourth industrial revolution are all welcome.


Topics of relevance include (but are not limited to):

  1. Is Africa ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
  2. How Can Africa Harness the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
  3. Fourth Industrial Revolution and African Transformation
  4. A Scientific Revolution and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa
  5. STEM and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa
  6. Education, R&D, and 4IR in Africa
  7. Exponential Technologies and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  8. Technological Leapfrogging and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa
  9. Skills Acquisition, Entrepreneurship and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa
  10. Fourth Industrial Revolution and Business Development in Africa
  11. Nano-Bio-Info-Cognitive (NBIC) Technologies and 4IR in Africa
  12. Digitization and 4IR in Africa
  13. Business Information Systems and 4IR in Africa
  14. Corporate Finance and 4IR in Africa
  15. FinTech and 4IR in Africa
  16. Big Data, Blockchain, and 4IR in Africa
  17. Grassroots Approaches to the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa
  18. Indigenization, Indigenous Innovations, and 4IR in Africa
  19. Leadership, Good Governance and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa
  20. Economic Models for the Success of 4IR in Africa
  21. Socio-Political Systems for the Success of 4IRs in Africa
  22. African Regional Integration and 4IR
  23. African Philosophical Thought and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  24. Critique of the 4IR Concept from an African Perspective
  25. Historical Patterns and Lessons for the Success of 4IR in Africa
  26. Equity and Inclusion in 4IR: Women, Youth, and People Living with Disability
  27. Infrastructure, Ecosystems and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa
  28. Youth Empowerment and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa
  29. The Humanities and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa
  30. The Social Sciences and Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa
  31. African Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.
  32. Transhumanism, Singularity and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa.
  33. The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Its Implications for a Cultural Revolution in Africa
  34. Managing the 4IR Socio-economic Risks in Africa
  35. Harnessing the African Competitive Edge in Industry 4.0
  36. Regulation in Africa and Exponential Technology: Finding the Balance
  37. African Partnership for Success through Science and Technological Advancement
  38. Changing the Narrative by Finding the African Voice in the Biased Algorithm Noise

Please submit an abstract (250 words max) along with a short bio to taffds.africa@gmail.com on or before the 7th of March 2021.

Important dates:

Submission of bio/abstracts: 21st March 2021

Notification of accepted abstracts: 21st March 2021

Submission of full chapters: 6th June 2021.


Abdul, Ojochogwu Saba. Kogi State University, Nigeria.

Ichaba, Amos Ameh, Ph.D. Kogi State University, Nigeria.

Ugochukwu Aloh, General Secretary, TAFFD\’s Africa

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