We are coming up with one of the best Academy for Futurists, availing what is not there in our traditional education system in making our society better. It shall be self-paced, easy, and accessible.


Meaning of the Logo – The academy prepares students for the future (arrow to right) in a transdisciplinary manner (the different stripe colors) yet there is still much unknown (the \”s\” slightly hidden behind the stripe.

The academy which is one of the TAFFD\’s Assets aims at democratizing and decentralizing Future Learning as Singularity draws nearer.

As a global organization that is focused on building the get way in and out of Africa, our intention is to join forces with groups, institutions, and organisation across the world to help Africa leapfrog in the twilight of the 21st Century.

Our Academy shall be an inclusive one, for skills development and knowledge links

This will help us in finding the meeting point between an inventive and innovative society so as to cut the edges.

We shall be offering certificate courses, nano degrees, micro masters, etc on many courses in collaboration with our affiliate bodies.

Our course shall be but not limited to :

Singularity, Futurism, Longevity (Aging and Mind uploading), Coding, FinTech, Vertical Farming, History, Ethics, Fearism, Politics of Abundance, Political Economy, Individually Propelled Growth, Smart City Planning, Transhumanism, Digital Fabrications, Food Security, System/Sound engineering, Blockchain, Change Management, Executive Training, Peace and Conflict Resolution, Digital Leadership, Business Execution, Philosophy, Risk Management, Psychology, Multiplanetary Studies, Research Writing, Publishing, Cyber Security, Gender Violence, Digital Marketing, Curriculum Development, System learning, Critical thinking, Decision making, etc

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