Our Vice President Brenda Ramokopelwa was interviewed by the great on-air personality Odette Van Der Haar on The Morning Show SA of eTV, in this short but scintillating chat, the vice president was able to explain our vision and mission.

She started by explaining what TAFFD\’s is – AGORA (a Greek word meaning Market Place) – for the evaluation of ideas from diverse thinkers across disciplines across the globe DISCUSSING the FUTURE.

Although we are evolving exponentially, we a poised to gathering at least 3billion Geniuses out of the 7.8billion of the human population.

Thus, Future Studies are our major concern. But as Moral agents in an Ethical Organisation, we emphasize the ETHICAL USAGE AND APPLICATION OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY.

Thus, we transpose our ideas through:
Our journal, magazine, books, conferencing, training, academy, town hall meetings, and podcast.

1. Our Academic Journal which is published quarterly to help scholars interested in Future Peer-Reviewed Literatures. Contact Dr. Doris N. Morah, Ph.D.,

2. Magazine of the Future – Contact Dr. Sarita Sharma, Ph.D., or

The Magazine focuses on

A. Groundbreaking articles in Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, and Digital Fabrications, Fearism, Networks and Computing System, Medicine and Neuroscience, Design, Entrepreneurship, Communication, Finance, and Economics, Future Studies and Forecasting, Policy, Law & Ethics, Humanitarian Challenges, and Balanceology.

B. Investigations: Political Corruption, Serious Crimes, Corporate Wrong-doings.

C. Review/Constructive Criticism: Administrative Reviews, Political Reviews, Review of Mainline Books, Company Reviews.

D. Evaluation/Nomination: Annual Top 10-20 for the following categories: Examples of Cooperative Social Efforts, Innovative Books, Global Leaders & Entrepreneurs, and top International Presidents.

E. Social/Emotional Corner: Family/Marriage, Human Behavior: Love, Hatred, Happiness, Inspiration.

F. Arts & Culture: Literary, Visual, Music, Experiential.

3. Conferencing – We Organize International Conferences Annually for Future Discussions.

We have done –
1. International Conference on Technoscientific Awareness
2. International Conference on Future Africa Sustaining the Source.

This year, we are eyeing SA.

4. Academy of the Future. The idea behind our academy is to democratize knowledge.
We help Universities (to develop courses), Corporates and Governments to organize training and workshop for their staff/officers. We are focused on 4IR, Cyber-Security, Singularity, Business Strategy and Digital Execution, Political Economy, Governance, Vertical Farming, AI, etc

We have developed a course for Tekedia Institute USA and trained The Information Technology Profession of Nigeria South East Region, Focusing on four Technical Sessions:

Technical session 1: Understanding Cybersecurity and its relevance in national security.

Technical session 2: Cyber attacks and the OSI reference model

Technical session 3: Vulnerabilities and vulnerability assessment techniques.

Technical session 4: standard protocols in mitigation of selected Cyber attacks. (Phishing, DDOs, and Man in the middle attacks).

5. Africa Town Hall Meeting – 

  • Description

A bi-weekly virtual town hall-like show presenting in-depth discussions on issues connected to African advancement in the 21st century ranging from science, technology, industry, and the economy to education, culture, philosophy, politics, environment, and globalization.

  • Mission

Creating a space for discussions on ideas and issues related to the African condition, and develop a suitable narrative through multidimensional approaches to drive progress in Africa towards a sustainable and more prosperous future.

  • Vision

Building from the present and critically reconstructed African past for a greater, highly advanced, cosmopolitan, peaceful, and prosperous future African civilization through meaningful and fruitful discourse and action.

  • Holding: TAFFD’s Africa
  • Host: Chogwu Abdul

MEMBERSHIP – Everyone, for now, is free to become an ordinary member by signing up the join us. But members shall be trained to know where they fit in. We also welcome volunteers who are willing to work with us as visionary leaders.

We have some of the best of officers from across the globe. We are affiliated and endorsed by Humanity Plus, International Longevity Alliance, Sens Research Foundation, World Academy for Medical Sciences, etc

Books – Our books are available on Amazon. 

For partnership, collaboration, and sponsorship – Contact, or Brenda K. Ramokopelwa (Vice President)- or Thomas Ernest Ross Jr. (President & CEO) –

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