Every 5th of May, we celebrate the Africa’s Day

This year own bears a tremendous meaning for us as the TAFFD\’s Africa community. We are not just commemorating the day; we celebrate the rise of futurists, game-changers, creative entrepreneurs, and outstanding leaders in different spheres of the African continent.

We, the children of mother Africa, are now joined in a great effort to rebuild our continent and restore its promise as the cradle of civilization

Together we will chart a new path and develop our continent to benefit its people and global admiration.

We will surmount every hardship, confront every challenge and get our content to where it needs to be.

For too long, we have been relegated as a nuisance to the international community and have populated the club of “never do wells.”

We have suffered the evils of bad leadership, colonialism, slavery, and neo-colonialism

A small group of people partitioned us in Berlin in 1884, and even a smaller group of people have reaped the benefits of the continent at the detriment of the majority of the 1.3bn people of Mother Africa

Today’s celebration is a reminder that all that changes starting right away

Africa belongs to us. This celebration is our celebration. The development of our continent is our obligation. The fixing of the future is our mandate.

May God bless all the citizens of mother Africa.🙏

Secretary-General TAFFD\’s Africa.

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