About TAFFD's

We are a transdisciplinary group of forward-thinkers

Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussions (TAFFD’s) is a global nongovernmental organization registered in the USA as a Nonprofit Corporation that serves as a futuristic think tank endeavored to the education and engagement urgency to help people understand the benefits and challenges of technology applied to high-impact industries and disciplines across the world.

Who We Are

With the recent advancements in science, technology, digital space, societal organization, intergovernmental collaboration, to name a few, the complexity of issues affecting our world have become intertwined in such a way that a singular expertise is not enough. For example, global societal issues related to pollution and climate impact require the dexterity of a variety of disciplines to encompass an objective perspective and form solutions accordingly. Consequently, the inter-connectivity of various knowledge-generation systems has led to rethink and conceptualize a solid Transdisciplinary Approach.

This apposition of opportunities in transdisciplinary implementation for social progress is where Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussions (TAFFD’s) has established its contribution. As TAFFD’s aims to engage at least 3 billion geniuses out of the 7 billion+ human population so that they can help in ethically implementing solutions for every location in the world, it is also determined to demonetize progress by educating the public to acquire the skills necessary to take full advantage of technology, as society leverages self-taught autonomously-driven applied knowledge for beneficial transformative purposes.

As our society continues to discern the new paradigm, we shall all have a global technological agora where people can gather to learn from these prominent minds and encourage their own development. Through these actions, we help take care of our planet and plan accordingly for exoplanetary endeavors with a solid foundation.

Our Vision

A world of equal access to education for proactive social activism

To give everyone an equal opportunity for participation in transforming the world positively and to develop the disciplinary approach which is adaptive & transformative, evolving with every challenge and complexity so as to be able to deal with social, political, technological & ethical issues in a holistic manner.

Our Mission

We build a stronger network for progressive discussions

To give scope for further broadening of knowledge horizons for young scholars and technocrats, so that they may benefit their societies, communities & nations more effectively and by means of online/offline educational activities on technological advancement and its correct implementation for an expanded progressive-thinking insight.

Building A Future

Our organization aims to demonetize progress through knowledge

TAFFD’s shall be an umbrella, welcoming and supporting all scholars, from all walks of life, nationality & ethnicity. Our members acquire basic privileges starting from 10 years old and upwards for those who avail the opportunity to air their views based on transformative, innovative knowledge. For our organization, age is not a barrier for entry. Those experts between 10 years and 18 years operate on the level of TAFFD’s Teens. There are other services rendered by TAFFD’s depending on the type of organizations to be served. In our terminology, we use the word parastatal to describe self-regulatory organizations.

A Hub For Scholars

A space to expand the mind to limitless possibilities

An online citadel of knowledge, TAFFD’s is a hub where scholars from all walks of life, field of studies, research interests (old or new) come to share their ideas for the growth, development, and improvement of human knowledge and society considering the complexity facing the man and his environment. Experts from every field get exposure to each other and can develop newer and better solutions. Discussions form the bedrock for newer insights, which allows one to look at complex problems in a dispassionate, dissected manner. Our forum encourages participation & acknowledges each and every one’s measured and erudite opinions.

Executive Officers

Our team is made of creative & revolutionary leaders

President & Founder
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Administrative Officer
Chief Marketing Officer & Ambassador to Italy
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Information Officer
Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer
Chief Partnership Officer
Chief Smart City Officer & Ambassador to Poland
Chief Business Development Officer

TAFFD's Membership Categories

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Those who founded TAFFD’s, being present in the registration documents for the organization.


Those who are recognized for their humanitarian efforts as exemplary leaders of progress.


Those who guide TAFFD’s as external experts in specific fields of study.


Those part of the operative & administrative departments of the organization.


Those who share TAFFD’s vision and have opted to volunteer as a part of the TAFFD’s Community.


TAFFD's Boards

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