Afrolongevity: Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

“It is not the longevity of life that matters the most; it is the beauty of life.”― Debasish Mridha

Regardless of some African countries’ shortcoming in life expectancy, the modern beauty of African lifespan is afrolongevity – a concept that captures slowing down the aging process and promoting a healthy lifespan from an afrocentric standpoint.

If you noticed, healthy life expectancy in the African region has increased on average by 10 years per person between 2000 and 2019, a World Health Organization (WHO) assessment reports.

Algeria has the highest life expectancy of about 73.13 in Africa – meaning a person is expected to live approximately 73 years or above.

By this recent upsurge, it tells a lot about black’s conscious effort towards a healthier living and is extremely interesting and eye opening.

If this continues, the goal shouldn’t be on accelerating the lifespan of blacks but educating the people on what to do with their existing lives – that is the beauty of life.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Even though beauty has different views.

What it is to you is perceived differently from others.

But let it be that beauty is perceived as quality of life, of meaning, of sound health.

The Charming Nature Of Africa

Scientific research points to the fact that all human beings have African ancestry.

Africa is the birthplace of humanity and also the cradle of early civilisations that significantly contributed to the world.

Africa will never understand the beauty of longevity the same way other continents do.

The point is, they’re conformed to traditional medicine due to modern medical procedures and facilities are inaccessible to large numbers of African people.

Relatively high cost and concentration of health facilities in urban areas as a result strengthens traditional medicine in Africa and weakens advanced medical technology in fighting killer diseases on a large scale.

This is where medical interventions and scientific approach should come handy in order to spread afrolongevity far and wide therefore reducing disparities in the mortality rates in Africa.

The Future Of Afrolongevity

“We would really like to ensure that the overall impact of the technology is positive and not leading to a terrible arms race, or a dystopian future with robots flying around killing everybody,” said Prof. Anthony Aguirre at the University of University of Santa Cruz.

The future before us isn’t the one frightening or dehumanizing.

It’s truly the one with abundance, increased lifespan, cheap healthcare and accessible medical guidance to preserve and protect the human race from aging faster and to spread health at their fingertips.

Afrolongevity, a nonprofit subsidiary of TAFFD’s is on the cusp of transforming the way Africans perceive longevity, aging and healthcare system. Here’s what one of the top longevity experts in the world has to say about Afrolongevity:

You’re seeing this because you’re invited to meet with world longevity experts across the globe on August 22nd – 24th 2023 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

You’ll learn about breakthroughs against a wide range of chronic diseases.

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Aging Is Number One killer In The World

Age will soon cease to mean aging in no record time.

Aging is the common enemy of humanity. 65 million people die every year of aging. 90% of people in advanced countries die of aging. Aging is the modern day disease said José Luis Cordeiro, Transhumanist and Spanish engineer.

The cost of anti-aging treatment was compared to that of the latest Smartphones.

“At first, it’ll be expensive, but with a competitive market the price will gradually fall because it’ll be something that benefits everyone,” José Luis Cordeiro says.

In conclusion, Afrolongevity is coming into focus and will continue to extend many groundbreaking opportunities to people of Africa especially educating and getting them up to speed with the new world order of medical breakthroughs.

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