Afrolongevity To Feature At International Longevity Day Celebration.

Today made it a month and two weeks (August 16, 2022), Afrolongevity was launched by TAFFD’s. Thereby, making it the first longevity hub in Africa spreading the gospel of longevity both at the grassroots and high levels and also an affiliate of International Longevity Alliance(ILA).

Dr. Aubrey De Grey has this to say about Afrolongevity at the summit held in South Africa ;

“This event is the launch of a terrific initiative by some highly talented and dedicated longevists, named Afrolongevity, to bring the longevity crusade to the African continent, and especially to educate Africans about it so they can help. I’m delighted to support it.” 

This shows the vision and velocity at which TAFFD’S is running regarding combating aging and age-related diseases that have dealt with humanity in the past.

 The longevity movement has come to eradicate aging and chronic age-related diseases tampering with the life expectancy of humanity across the globe. And yes, Afrolongevity is tossing the die in Africa.

October is the World Longevity month and the International Longevity Alliance celebrates it on the first of October. This makes it the 10th Anniversary of the longevity campaign championed by the International Longevity Alliance (ILA).

TAFFD’s is a member of ILA and yes, Afrolongevity will be represented at the virtual meeting scheduled in celebration of the longevity month and 10th anniversary of the International Longevity Alliance (ILA). We also encourage all longevitists and crusaders of the longevity movement globally especially in Africa to join in the virtual meeting.

For more information on how to join the virtual meeting, check here.

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