Crabology: a balanced view

By Dr. I. I. M. Emeam, FIMC.

Crabology is a form of socio-biology that compares human beings to crabs.

People present a one-sided view of the life of crabs in such a negative way that discredits the nature and life of crabs. It becomes pertinent to present a balanced view. Crabs are believed to hold each other down and would not allow each other to escape when trapped together. I hold that this is rather a negative inference of the nature and life of crabs. It is still a form of totalisation of rationality. Humans think of being a measure of all things and therefore relate to nature and other objects of nature with disdain and devoid of respect. This human construct is predicated on the assumption that other objects of nature are not rational. The proponents even reject ascribing moral rights to other objects of nature. I believe, it is the background of such an analysis on which the anthropological assumption from socio-biological perspectives is based. It is a distortion of nature and of human intellect and so demands to be balanced. This is one of the problems of this write-up.

There is a need for a balanced view. A side view never gives the entire picture. It might be the story of an onlooker, a third party, a biased viewer or an unimpressed lover / impressed hater. A balanced story tells the story of crabs from the eyes of the crab. Crabs love sticking together. When they are together to act as brother keeper by keeping a watch on each other to prevent them from straying. They believe that when they are together, life is much good and they are more protected. Crabs do see all around at the same time so they are each other’s eyes in a different direction.

This is why Igbo people says: Nsiko ji agala ije ebe ofulaghara anya.
Be your brothers and sisters keeper, not a household enemy.

Happy feast of St. Valentine to each and everyone of you.