Dare to dream again

For far too long now, Nigerians have lost hope in their system and in the fact that there is no apparent story created for them to aspire towards. Leaders, uneducated, have abused the faith of the people and the cultural values and socioeconomic prospects have been decimated causing everyone to lose faith in the system. Indeed Nigerians have stopped dreaming. This inability to dream is seen in the widespread horrendous religious credulity, Nigerians have shifted from yielding to facts and reason in confronting problems to now blind faith and myths. This inability to dream has resulted in a massive lack of education in the populace and an endemic apathy for knowledge and reason, an entrenched anti-intellectualism. It has robbed Nigerians the capacity of imagination which has deadened the creative spirit within them. To rise again Nigerians must LEARN TO DREAM AGAIN.

Every nation is a story effectively created in the mind to sustain the flexible cooperation of a tribe as they pursue a just cause they have envisioned and imagined. When a tribe loses grip of its story, they can no longer envision their future and so they lose the sense of direction, purpose, and belonging. At this point, there’s no longer a tribe, a people, a nation. What you have at best is a country.

As it stands Nigeria is just a political entity, a country that has lost the grip of its story. And so it no longer exists in the collective consciousness of its social contractors. Therefore, I speak to the inhabitants within the geographical space known as Nigeria and not to Nigerians. I believe in these people, I believe in us and our dreams.

We have hopes, we have aspirations, we have dreams. Though we might have lost the dream of the Nigerian story we have not lost our own dreams that we hope for. The dream of the light we struggle to provide for ourselves, the water we supply for ourselves and even share with our neighbors, the security we crave so much that we form our local vigilantes ourselves. Indeed we still have the dreams that we go on Facebook, instagram, and twitter to rant over. The dream that takes us back every four years, out of hedonic adaptation, to the polling units to vote even when we are sure it will not count, we are just hoping “maybe it will work this time.” But we forget we are just regurgitating the same mediocrity from our systems. It’s this undying yearning and ability to dream that I speak to  DARE TO DREAM AGAIN.

If we can’t dream as people, let’s start by dreaming as individuals for ourselves and the people in our local communities. Yes! We can have that decent and standard education for us and our kids, we can provide for ourselves uninterrupted power supply, we can provide cheap healthy food in our markets, we can have a well-organized healthcare system for everyone in our community, we can put in place a universal basic income starting from our local communities, we can hold ourselves accountable, we secure Justice for ourselves. Yes ! We can hold these truths to be true.

But to do this we have to dream again, and we have to start dreaming as single individuals, then to hive minds before we can garner again a collective consciousness.

To achieve this we no longer need only brilliant individuals, but courageous individual men and women who can dream, imagine and create a reality they envision to be true and worthy of existence. Our institutions have failed and so we don’t have strong institutions. What we need is not strong people but individuals who have vision and courage.

This is the same truth that restored lost civilizations and nations like Israel, the United States, and Singapore. And It’s a truth I have reflected upon and have summarised as Individually Propelled Growth (IPG).

IPG is a socio-economic and political theory that posits that it is through the initiative and courage of individuals that hive minds who drive change are formed which if sustained overtime coalesce into a form of cultural motif known as social consciousness, collective consciousness or culture.

It is my belief that if we are to bring to reality the things we hope for, we have to first learn to dream again, then muster the courage to dare to apply the principles of IPG, to create the future we want to see.


Augustus Chukwu is an inspirational philosopher, futurist and podcast host who is passionate about solving global issues through the 3-pronged channels of education, common good and transhumanism. He is the host of Future Discussions Podcast, Inspiration Digest podcast and TAFFD’s Podcast. Through these channels he drives the message that will cause the changes and create the realities that he envisions for the world. Augustus is a keynote speaker who has spoken in different platforms, on topics based on personal development, social entrepreneurship/development and emerging technologies. He is the author of the theory of “Individually propelled Growth” (IPG), a socio-economic development theory that maps how individuals form hive minds to cause revolutionary shifts in their communities and societies.