The Futurist New Deal Podcast: Osinakachi Akuma Kalu on Techno-Progress in Africa

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Event Description

“Techno-Progress on the African Continent: Part One” is an exciting Futurist New Deal podcast interview with Nigerian #Singularity organizer and author Osinakachi Akuma Kalu, President & Founder of TAFFD’s. It is an introductory talk on the Techno-Scientific Awareness Conference, an event to be held in Kigali, Rwanda, in collaboration with the University of Rwanda.

Event content
  • The auction will be started at 16:00 hours CST, on August 29th, 2019 through The Futurist New Deal’s YouTube channel.
  • The topics that will be mentioned will be technology, transhumanism, longevity, technological singularity, biotechnology, philosophy, epistemology and futurism.
  • A special focus on Africa, Nigeria and Rwanda in specific, will be given in order to nurture African communities with the presented concepts.