TAFFD’s: International Conference of Techno-Scientific Awareness 2019

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Event Description

We are Transdisciplinary Agora For Future Discussions (TAFFD’s), the organizer of the “International Conference of Techno-Scientific Awareness in Solving 21st Century Problem(s)“.

Through the endorsement of top tech institutions, leadership schools, transhumanists, and futurist groups, astute speakers will be heading to Africa for this uncommon historic event, as Africans due to bad leadership are found wanting in technological awareness and leadership.

Event content
  • There are over 100 featured concepts that will be mentioned regarding technology and futurism.
  • Expect incredible online/offline presentations from prominent scientists, artists & thinkers.
  • Learn about the efforts being done in Africa to empower communities with the proper use of technology.
  • Any philanthropist, nonprofit organization, NGO want to donate or ask any question, let contact with our staff.
Event Venue

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