How To Learn 10x Faster: A System To Remember

If something compels you to learn, prioritize your time as if it were a life investment.

Learning can be a distraction when it’s not intentionally prioritized.

If nothing motivates you to learn, perform a positive comparison analysis with a character you admire who has more experience than you.

This means analyzing their goals, habits, recognizing noteworthy patterns, and adjusting to them.

Learning takes time; it’s a long-term investment driven by genuine curiosity.

The ROI is the edge you have over others, the depth, rewards, experience, and specific knowledge.

Did you know that by learning, you can live longer?

Regardless of your level or ability, lifelong learning improves brain function over time and reduces your risk of memory problems or dementia.

Lifelong-conscious learners see learning as life – to learn is to live. In other words, a realm of meaningful living that also prioritizes health and abundance.

Therefore, they use their knowledge, information, and portfolio of experiences to avoid health-related risks and engage in a health-enhancing lifestyle, leading to longevity.

Here’s what I discovered to 10x your power of learning and remembering:

Be A Builder

Get ready to lay down the blocks from the ground up.

That is, a new experience will be molded, and the mind will be stretched.

Exercising your brain through immersive learning increases “cognitive reserve,” which is your brain’s ability to solve problems and cope with challenges.

Be A Project

By becoming a builder, first outline a project and intend to apply the teachings you learn to the phase of your life you’re currently in.

You are a project.

If you failed at avoiding junk food, take it up as a life project. Have someone as a reference anchor whose quality of life you want to learn and experience.

This person must be worthy of emulation and have the solution you’re seeking.

Then, go all-in and adjust your eating habits until the best version of yourself emerges.

Teach What You Know

Along the way, you’ll encounter failure in keeping up, struggle, and face problems.

Don’t leave the mess to your future generations to fix.

It’s a journey, keep fixing the problems until your project looks like your reference anchor whom you’re learning from.

Now that your problems are fixed, and experience is molded, pass down what you know to others.

When you teach, you realize there’s more to know.

In the end, with practice, you’ll get super-fast at remembering things you’ve learned.

And that’s when you’ll discover learning transcends beyond textbooks – you should build with what you learn.

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