Hulugram: Ethiopia’s Telegram Based App

Hulugram is a new telegram app that aims to enhance the telegram messaging experience with a new usage style.

The name Hulugram stands for “Telegram for everything”, while “Hulu” in Amharic means “Everything”. The “gram” was taken from “telegram”.

Founded by 3 smart young individuals, Leoul, Tabor and Birhan, from the Addis Ababa Institute of Technology.

“Hulugram aspires to be a lifestyle & productivity app where people can chat, run their businesses & make payments all in one place, without the hassle of going from one app to another,” said the founders.


Techsafari described them as young, coachable and hungry. They’re talented and skilled at building market products with novelty and creativity:

Leoul (CEO): While he was studying Software Engineering, he led Unicorn Labs in Ethiopia, a Swiss-based Venture Builder. At University, he also started – a B2B2C marketplace in the Hospitality industry and Ethiopia’s first hotel booking platform.

Tabor (CTO): A software engineering graduate who built Sportbook – a B2B sports betting platform that powers African betting platforms and is used by hundreds of thousands across Africa.

Birhan (Developer): A self-taught programmer who has tinkered with mobile app development for over 6 years. He dropped out of University to build products, mostly messaging apps and cryptocurrencies.


Hulugram has many switches from social media app to fintech, music, games, ride-hailing, food delivery, and mini-app store, all in one single app.

Hulugram is another Superapp like WeChat on the cusp of becoming an all-in-one app; it recently hit 1 million downloads, and we’re betting on Hulugram hitting 1 million daily active users.

Within the African continent, Telegram is the most preferred app in Ethiopia; 79% of Gen Z adults would recommend it to a friend because file sharing is much cheaper and faster, and its security gives it a more resounding preference over other social apps.

Could this be the reason for Hulugram?

Yes, but beyond the scope of telegram’s strong preference in Ethiopia, Hulugram is building an everything app that powers the country and offers various choices for the generation of consumers.

You want to know more about how Hulugram has positioned itself to change the fintech arena in Ethiopia and the social media paradigm? Dive deeper here.

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