Interview with Prince Obinna: life lessons and experiences

Prince Obinna is a 22 Year Old Content Strategist and Content Marketer with over 3 years experience in the Content Marketing realm. He now identifies as a Web 3 Writer and Blockchain Marketer.

He holds a truckload of Certifications which include 32 different certifications from Udemy in divers courses ranging from Emotional Intelligence, Marketing, Business Strategy, and others. He also holds a Content Marketing Certificate from The Hubspot Academy in America.

He has also completed over 11 Certified courses in the African Leadership Institute ranging from Workplace Communication to Innovation Management. Furthermore, He holds a certification in Career Planning fom Accenture. He also holds a certification in Professional Development which he got from the MISK Global Forum, Dubai.

When it comes to Experience, Prince has worked with over 75 organizations, businesses and companies. He has collaborated on, cofounded, and led many teams and businesses.

1. What in your personal life has influenced you to choose your career?

I’d say I have always loved telling stories and writing. So, that started me off on a writing career. As Time passed, I discovered that writing was a player in a bigger picture called marketing. So I began to train my writing skills by using them for marketing purposes. Also, as a child I loved using my imagination and telling my siblings fancy cartoon stories. Little did I know I would make a good teacher. Today I teach hundreds of people weekly across different platforms online.

2. What led you to start Skild Africa and Conclave?

What led me to start Skild Africa: I had always wanted to make an impact in the African Educational Sector by connecting Young Adults to Digital Education. Skild Africa is the vehicle to doing just that.

Conclave was birthed out of the desire to create a Platform where Wisdom and Understanding can be easily trafficked

3. What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced so far?

The Biggest challenges I’ve faced so far are mostly management challenges, most times It feels like I’m doing more than I can bare so I end up having to slow down or quit some of them – it pains me but I’m human and these challenges are proof that I am.

4. Looking at how you pulled off over 2000 people in a week at the Conclave Conference (first edition) that happened on the 3rd–5th June this year, How would the second edition look like?

The Second edition is sure to pack a punch because we are gearing up to provide solutions to business owners by showing how business is done online.

Plans are already underway as The Executive Committee gears up to deliver one of the most anticipated November Business Summits.

5. You transitioned into the web3 space of recent. Having gained much more personal experiences and higher knowledge. What are your words of wisdom for someone starting in your field?

I’d give 3 pieces of advice: a.) Surround yourself with

Crypto/Web 3 inclined people. b.) Expect to fail and get discouraged many times, set up a plan for when those periods happen. c.) Model after those who are ahead of you. Ask them questions regularly.

6. I discovered you are plotting something big (web3 teens summit) through Skild Africa. Where will it be? Explain more about this project

At Skild Africa, we aim to introduce African Teenagers to digital intelligence on a wide scale. I’m talking of them learning digital skills in their schools and homes. We have two events coming up; an online event and an Offline event in Enugu. The target is 3000 and 1500 participants respectively.

7. If you could change one aspect of our society through your work, what would it be?

If I could change one thing: It would be the current educational system. It stifles creativity and I’d love to change that.

Lesson to learn

Have a laser focus on the bigger picture and surround yourself with people who have had that challenge, failure and/or success before.

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