Keep Your Cells Thriving With Nutrients From Healthy Food

Understanding the links between diet and disease and developing strategies that ensure your food intake supports optimal cellular biology is fundamental for a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Mark Hyman has a saying:

“Food is medicine. Food carries the molecular information that tells a body how to be healthy or how to get sick. You really are what you eat.”

This means that food is information, and it shapes your system through your diet.

Your mind plays an important role in choosing the right diet because it’s identified with habits, beliefs, cultures, and thoughts that influence your food choices.

Therefore, it’s essential to decipher between healthy and unhealthy nutrition on your mind.

When you consume nutritious food, it’s considered healthy, while consuming non-nutritious food is considered malnutritious.

Casey once said food is nothing more than genetic information. We should always analyze food through the lens of the positive and negative elements inside it that either help or hurt our cells or help them.

Because of your ‘average mind conditioning’, you’ll feel pulled to do things that align with your present realities.

    You will begin to:

    1. Make poor food choices.
    2. Adjust your diet to fit your pleasure lifestyle.
    3. Consume junks that reinforce your unhealthy eating habits.

    Hence, it’s important to start seeing food through the lens of how its composition helps your cells.

    Focusing on principles, such as eating for your cells, organs, tissues, blood, and body instead of your tummy, builds a strong defense around your health against chronic diseases.

    Stick to a diet that has the necessary components to support your overall health instead of just satisfying your hunger.

    To ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of cells in the body, it’s essential to have an adequate intake of micronutrients.

    According to Calley, the following 8 micronutrients are crucial to include in your diet:

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