Life Evolution: an Exultation

As we grow, mental evolution takes place. In this process, you are structured for the future.

Be guided by what you trade your time with. You need values. It is only when you have values that you can know that leisure is different from pleasure.

Be conscious to know that spending your time on anything or persons, who are not deserving of your time is not a good existential discernment. You are not meant for everyone or everything. Every BEING has kinds.

Provide yourself with strategic and visionary peers: people who are not interested in trends of time but the reality of the moment in preparedness for the future; people whose thought patterns are so seductive that it radiates your mental goosebumps for action; and not those that what you say gives momentary motivation but moments later, return to their drawing tables.

There is nothing that is more important in this process as motivation. However, it is like a double-edged sword. When you are wrongly motivated, you get rich in the nonessentials. Our task individually and collectively is to discover a problem and solve it. Be motivated for good.

When people exit your life, don’t just closeup. Reevaluate your values and see if there is inner peace. Our ego often leads us to miss out on our essential friends. Don’t capitalize on your friend’s weakness but his/her inability to make an honest effort. Avoid those who check on you when they need your attention or help.

This is why Modestus Chibuike A. asked, “how many friends do you have when you turn your data off?
If your answer is less than three, you need to review it!
That doesn’t mean you bring in a distraction in human form who doesn’t understand the need for time management.

Friends who do not understand that money is not everything are not worthwhile. Always make out time to discuss ideas and how to grow. This will keep your mind busy from domestic issues like what people who don’t understand your vision think of you. In 2018 Mark Zuckerberg celebrated his birthday with Popcorn while a struggling fellow will celebrate his or her birthday with 50k or above, begging for a monthly subscription or even tracking to work the next day. Saving is not stinginess. A life without a purpose is a cataract life. You can die even at old age stupid.

You must be guided about all these for you may be devolving and increasing in age while others are evolving. Evolution is all about what you know and how you make use of it. Life is as precious and symbolic that to aim high, you must follow eagles and not chickens.

Evolve with the evolved so that you won’t be advised to eat hot beans a few minutes before exams.

Osinakachi Akuma Kalu
President & Founder of TAFFD’s