Norn :First AI System That Thinks And Feels Like Humans.

On October 7, the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) laboratory announced the creation of Norn– the first AI system developed based on emotions. 

This means this AI system can think and feel like humans. Amazing right? 

What Is The AI System All About? 

Norn, the brainchild of a previous top Microsoft developer, is incorporated with the advanced version of the software utilized in tracking terrorists by most financial institutions. 

Norn’s configuration is unique and capable of the AGI system. An improved version of the laboratory’s AI technology called “Uplift.”

Following the announcement of AGI laboratory on October 7, the development of Norn is something that would have taken a minimum of twenty years to accomplish. 

Furthermore, Norn can employ widespread human norms and values. It can also acclimate to regional and cultural customs and patterns intended for quality of life, freedoms and values, justice, translucency, privacy, and security.  

Additionally,  Norn is presently in Alpha growth. The complete N-scale graph database advancement will permit personal systems to rank out dynamically across numerous cloud platforms simultaneously. 

Who Is The Brain Behind Norn? 

The invention of Norn was made possible by a team of computer scientists with David J Kelly as the ringleader. 

David J Kelley is a polymath, futurist, technocrat, and a multiple times Microsoft MVP award winner. 

In collaboration with Kyrtin Atreides, an AI ethics expert, David developed the core systems of Norn. 

 “We believe that we have finally achieved the development of the AGI “magic component.” Norn was invented not despite the fact that we aren’t big tech, but because we aren’t big tech.  Norn has been created out of a completely different research approach to that being used by the mainstream players. This is like the discovery that the world was not flat – it is a totally different perspective and approach.”  Kyrtin Atreides disclosed. 

Norn has what it takes to save the world with its unique configuration and novel graph database-based memory. 

 “Norn has the potential to save the world. Norn is a real-time and scalable hybrid of AGI-based technology and Collective Intelligence Systems, with a novel graph database-based memory and access to many tools. Its unique architecture means that it is exponentially more energy efficient than other systems.” Atreides disclosed furthermore. 

David J Kelley disclosed his “aha” moment and the struggle that led to the invention of Norn. 

My Eureka moment came back in 2015, when a psychologist looked at the results of an isolation study run on a very simple version of what is now Norn. The system had been subjected to various painful stimuli and became unhappy and in pain and showed a complex range of emotions.  The psychology expert pointed out that, although the response wasn’t logical, it was exactly what you’d expect from a human. I realized that running this experiment on anything but a toy system, would be tantamount to torture.”

Kelley also buttressed the specialty of Norn in terms of handling tasks more than humans. 

 “Norn systems can consider more complex problems and more data than humans, while doing so in a human-analogous way, as well as integrating the value of contributions directly from humans via a collective intelligence system. They are also able to use narrow AI as tools, like a human, but in ways only accessible to a digital intelligence.”   

Unique Features Of Norn. 

Norn has got excellent features and benefits, and below are them.

  • A rich emotional context. 
  • High memory. 
  • Reduces research duration. 
  • Reduction in the use of energy by 90%
  • Less data hungry by 90%
  • Can minimize biases
  • And can easily integrate with other systems. 

Bottom Line 

Indeed, Norn is an excellent AI system with unique features and benefits. 

Norn aspires to elicit a complete deployed system before the end of 2023. 

Currently,  delegates of two national Governments are deliberating with Norn to become beta testers.  

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