Alexander Chiaha
Chief Financial Officer

Alexander I. Chiaha is a Researcher, Management Strategist, Accredited Mediator / Conflict Resolution Practitioner, Real Estate Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Marketer, Project Manager, and Human Activist.

  • He has worked with Conoco Philips Oil in Nigeria, West One in UK, Mayor Srl and currently Director at Chain Fortunes Ltd and Expert Mediator
  • He joined TAFFD’s in 2019 as the Chief Finance Officer and also Chairman Conferencing
  • He had BSC. Marketing from Enugu State University of Science Nigeria, Masters in International Business Management from University of Huddersfield United Kingdom 2009, Institute of Chartered Mediation and Conciliation 2017 and Currently a Researcher in Corporate Governance.
  • He is a State Executive Member of the Institute of Chartered Institute of Mediators and Conciliators, an Executive Member of Justice Development Peace Commission, Member of Area 1Abuja Chess Club, and a Climate Change Activist
  • Having served in different capacities including local and international companies with a wide portfolio and involvement with different life touching events Alex has gathered a number of successful entrepreneurial ventures and global perspective necessary for promoting sustainable development