Annick Bleyen
Advisory Board Member

My Genuine Passion is:

Being a catalyst to organizations & people to work in a more Efficient – Effective – Happy & Sustainable way.

My expertise in HR (Hard & Soft ) – in sales – in Procurement gives me a strong understanding of business in general. My experience in different industries and countries have given me a larger view on possibilities & limitations.

Happiness@work: as Chief Happiness Officer, WoohooInc certified partner, I spread the seeds of Happiness in the work environment. You can book me for a Keynote – Workshop – 1-2 day Training

HR from A-Z, I love Recruitment for creating the perfect match – L&D for creating a learning journey for all employees to stay aligned with the organizational needs – Organizational Design, continuous improvement.
Agile HR is my way of working.

Transformation: Merging & Acquisitions – Departmental transformation (organizational – way of working – implementing new IT tools) – Creating & managing the communication to be ahead of resistance in change.

My personality: I do what I say and I say what I do!

I only have the best interest for my client at heart, while transformation – change can be challenging they can count on my support getting through this challenge.

What you can expect from me: Trust – Honesty – Communicative – Integrity, I will always tell you what to expect, how things are going and what de current options are, it might not be what you want to hear, but it is the transparency of the moment.

Experience working in different countries: Belgium – France – Luxemburg – Germany – Italy – Spain – Netherlands – Iran – Morocco – Kazakhstan – US – UK – Serbia.

Industries i’ve worked in: Banking – Healthcare – Pharmacy – Chemistry – Concrete – Steel – Painting – FMCG – Security – Energy – Automotive – Governmental – Private – IT – Consultancy.