Anthony Kimery
Chief Press Secretary

Anthony Kimery is a highly regarded, respected, and well known journalist, editor, analyst, speaker, and consultant with more than 35 years of broad institutional knowledge, experience, and expertise on a vast breadth of national, homeland, and global security issues.

He’s won numerous awards during his career, including the prestigious former National Imagery and Mapping Agency’s “Director’s Award for Excellence,” as well as top awards for his journalism and editorship as Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of Homeland Security Today magazine and its multi-media daily online news operations platform. Under his leadership, Homeland Security Today was widely acclaimed as the “go to” source for the homeland security community, as evidenced by the many accolades he received from those in the community.

In May, 2004, then Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA), at a Capitol Hill press conference he’d convened to talk about the abysmal state of the nation’s trauma care system, he held up a copy of the inaugural issue of Homeland Security Today opened to Kimery’s groundbreaking investigative report, The Trauma in America’s Trauma Care, and said, “the trauma in America’s trauma care … There could not be a truer statement about the dire state of American emergency care.” The report was later featured in, and as the cover of, the American Society of Business Publication Editors’ book, Journalism That Matters.

Kimery’s work has been cited in books, academic papers, Naval Post-Graduate School Master’s Theses, Congressional Research Service reports, and in letters by legislators to Executive Branch officials seeking information. He’s also appeared on numerous TV and radio programs, and has appeared in several documentaries, including a prominent appearance in the “Bioapocalypse,” episode of the SyFy Channel series, “Joe Rogan Questions Everything.” He was joined by distinguished career CIA operations officer Charles Faddis, who’d served as chief of the CIA’s Counter Terrorism Center’s Weapons of Mass Destruction counterterrorism unit. A dear friend and colleague, Faddis said, “Tony understands … we are talking about people’s lives, and that the truth is more important than political calculus.”

Anthony’s appearance on that program stemmed from his expansive comprehension of the lack of mass casualty public health preparedness; the reach of pandemics, infectious pathogens, and hybrid and designer viruses about which he was steeped in study at the hand of the late, noted virologist, Dr. Graeme Laver, who said Kimery is “of great help in explaining the facts and fallacies of pandemic medicines.”

In partnership with UK-based Clarion Events, Homeland Security Today presented the first Counter Terror Expo USA conference in Washington, DC on May 16-17, 2012. Kimery was responsible for the development of 7 panels dealing with numerous homeland security- and counterterrorism-related issues; contacting and securing participation of nearly 30 speakers; introducing each speaker, and moderating each of the 7 panels.

Similarly, for the 2011 and 2012 Border Security Expo, Kimery secured, introduced, and moderated panels of past and present Department of Homeland Security, CIA, and other federal officials and industry executives who addressed the nexus between Mexican Transnational Criminal Organizations and terrorist groups; gangs; money laundering and other illicit cross-border enterprises.

Kimery was appointed as the badged Chief Investigator, Commissioner, for the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse, a transnational initiative sponsored by the treaty-based and mandated International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

He’s an Advisory Board Member of Mississippi College’s Center for Counterterrorism Studies, which is developing an unprecedented understanding of what motivates young people in the United States to radicalize as terrorists. Center director and former career Special Forces soldier Dr. Godfrey Garner said, “Tony’s guidance and participation in this capacity has been invaluable.”

Kimery is also an advisory board member of the Lifeboat Foundation’s Counterterrorism Board, Human Trajectories Board, Transparency and Privacy Board, and the Scientific Advisory Board-BioShield program, and a regular feature writer for Biometric Update, specializing in biometric and “deepfake” technology national security, privacy, and regulatory issues.

Anthony also served in a classified intelligence position for nearly six years.

Presently, he is co-founder & CEO of Delirium Tremolos LLC, which provides niched information, investigation, research, consulting, and marketing services; niche web news platforms; innovation, incubation, and acceleration initiatives.

He was Managing Editor of SOURCES, a cutting edge news service at the forefront of combined reportorial/analytical coverage of homeland, national, and global security issues in the form of daily subject matter briefings for New Scotland Yard, Open Source Solutions, intelligence services, diplomatic departments, state and local law enforcement agencies, and the security and risk management offices of Fortune 500 companies.

Previously he was Managing Editor, and later Editor-at-Large, for Kerrigan Media International, a publisher of magazines covering the US Department of Defense.

He also served as Managing Editor at Thompson Financial Services with editorial responsibility for three weekly newsletters covering on banking regulatory compliance with a focus on anti-money laundering laws. Later, he transferred within the division to become Washington Editor of Financial Planning and Trader’s magazine. During that time, he received his Banking Regulatory Compliance School Certification from the American Bankers Association, University of Oklahoma.

Prior to that, he was founding Washington Bureau Chief for Money Laundering Alert.

He was also a columnist for The Veteran, published by Vietnam Veterans of America.

• “There’s no doubt that Tony has had a huge hand in helping to lead and develop the state of homeland security today.” — Dr. Pietro D. Marghella, a career Naval Officer who served as Plans, Operations, and Medical Intelligence Officer in the Navy Medical Service Corps, retiring as Director of Medical Contingency Operations for the Office of the Secretary of Defense and Chief of Medical Plans and Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff who authored the nation’s first Catastrophic Incident Response Plan to domestic nuclear terrorism and the National Smallpox Response Plan.

• ”I have 100 percent confidence that Anthony Kimery is the type of individual that our society and nation urgently needs. Not only does he possess the necessary superior intellect and drive, [he] exhibits an adherence to fundamental moral values that are so necessary to the continued viability of our nation. This, coupled with his reputation for excellence and professionalism, marks him as the very best!” — Jeffrey Addicott, Distinguished Professor of Law, Director, Center for Terrorism Law, Saint Mary’s School of Law, and retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel, US Army’s Judge Advocate General’s Corps.

• “Tony [has] developed a reputation of understanding the nuances of what homeland security is truly about, and … is highly regarded with a truly great reputation … I feel his leadership and guidance have been crucial in attaining the “gold standard.’” — John Halinski, former Transportation Security Agency Deputy Administrator, and retired Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation Security, Department of Homeland Security.

• “I worked closely with Anthony … Valuable and dedicated leaders are difficult to find.” — Nick Nayak, former Chief Procurement Officer, Department of Homeland Security.

• “Anthony Kimery is a dedicated and knowledgeable professional that works with dogged perseverance in all tasks.” — Clay Biles, former Navy SEAL, Department of State Diplomatic Security Service contractor, distinguished Federal Air Marshal and instructor.

• “I am a long term collaborator of Tony, beginning in 2005 when he became involved in the organization I led, the Trauma Center Association of America. Tony was involved and assisted in a federally funded project I led, an investigation of, US Trauma Center Preparedness for a Terrorist Attack in the Community (CDC 1 R49 CE000792-01). His contribution to this extensive research project was to collaborate with the project director and review the resultant work product which was disseminated to all federal legislators, agencies, governors, emergency management leadership, and trauma centers and their oversight systems. His suggestions and insight gave an important perspective to our work which was guided by over 60 advisors from trauma care, disaster management, state governments, and statisticians … Tony … is intrepid and persistent. He lays the groundwork and guides the direction of the subject, working with tightly secretive agencies … while maintaining objectivity and literacy about the issues.” — Constance J. Potter, leading trauma expert; former Associate Director/Nurse Manager, Emergency and Trauma Services, Thomason Hospital, El Paso, TX; Trauma System Manager, Oregon Health Division, Portland, OR.; Consultant and Technical Advisor, New Mexico Trauma System and Texas Trauma System; Advisor to the Montana Critical Illness and Trauma Foundation for its NHTSA-funded Rural Preventable Mortality Study.

• “I found Tony to be much, much more knowledgeable about homeland security policies and issues than most government officials.” — Donald Hamilton, 27-year career Foreign Service Officer who served as a diplomat in a variety of geographic and substantive areas. He was Senior Advisor to State Department Counterterrorism Coordinator Michael Sheehan in the Counterterrorism Office, and was senior advisor to the National Commission on Terrorism where he contributed to and edited the final report of this congressionally appointed bipartisan commission chaired by former State Department Ambassador-at-Large for Counterterrorism, L. Paul Bremer. He also served as Senior Counselor to Bremer when Bremer was Administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority CPA. He also served nine years as executive director of the National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism.