Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussion (TAFFD)
Augustus Chukwu

I am Augustus Chukwu who is Founder/Coordinator at Future Discussions. I am Futurist, Transhumanist, On Air Personality, Podcaster, Blogger.
I am a futurist philosopher, transhumanist, and generally a progressive thinker interested in solving global problems of the world. My main life projects cover areas like education, common good and singularity paying particular attention to areas like media, energy, food production, communications, personalised healthcare amongst others. As part of my own way of being a positive force in the world I have decided to begin thedevelopmental evangelism from my home country Nigeria.
I am the founder and coordinator of Future Discussions a platform where people generate innovative ideas that would serve as safety nets in the future that is characterised by disruptive technologies. it is also a platform that crowdsource and crowdfund such scalable entrepreneurial ideas.