Edward Fitzgerald
Ethics Advisory Board

For me it all starts with a vision, an idea, that can be nurtured and developed through proof of concept to something tangible. Technological innovation is a passion and whilst I have my own vision of the future, it’s why I’m also driven to supporting clients to develop and realise their vision of the future.

For the past 30 years I have worked with and been a trusted special adviser to Governments, NGOs, Start-Ups, Fortune 100, FTSE 100 delivering results in 80 countries.

Since completely recovering from a life changing brain injury in June 2011, after which I was told “you are going through a period of bereavement for the loss of your memory and other capabilities, you need to come to terms with that fact that your international / high impact consulting activities are no longer a reality”.

Not only did I use the infinite power of the brain and positive thought to fully recover, learn to read again, regain access to my lost memories through the science of neuro-plasticity. I became a Best-Selling Author® and Award Winning Film Producer, in addition to taking cutting edge communications technology from R&D through to service launch in 3 European countries.

I have a vision to transform the lives of 3 billion people through the use of innovative technologies and implementation strategies, resulting in a positive meaningful impact on both individual lives and the environment.