Emilio A. Negrón
Advisory Board Member

CEO & Founder of Gaia H2O – Advanced Water Filtration Technologies

TAFFD’s 2020 Conference Session Topic: Clean Tech & The Future of Water

“I want every person in the world to have access to safe & clean water with the use of water filtering technology.”

Mr. Emilio (Angelo) Negrón is an entrepreneur dedicated to developing water technologies that provide access to clean and safe water use for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Mr. Negron is the CEO & Founder of Gaia H2O (www.gaia-h2o.com), a technology-based corporation focused on developing and optimizing water quality systems that encompass real purification techniques and processes for unsurpassed results.

Mr. Negrón is a proud member of the General Board of OpenExo and of Singularity University, looking to implement exponential and disruptive solutions in water technologies around the world. He is also part of the General Member Board of the River Network, a community dedicated to protecting rivers and other waters that sustain life. Additionally, Mr. Negrón is a member and a registered citizen of Asgardia, the Space Nation, an organization focused on space colonization and planetary risk management, and a member of the General Board at the U.S. Transhumanist Party, helping humanity transcend its limits and alleviate suffering.