Gabriel Vázquez Torres

Gabriel Vázquez Torres is a Data Scientist, Bioinformatician and self-taught neuroscientist. Also, he is founding “ConsciencesAI” [], a web place where you can do inferences with Artificial Intelligent models about healthcare, biology, NLP, and much more and its research section try to emulate the human brain and consciousness.

He has worked as a Machine Learning Researcher at the University of Seville, Spain. Besides, he worked as Lead Data Scientist at Smart IoT Labs and Senior Consultant in Artificial Intelligence at Stratence Partners, a London company. Also, he was part of OpenWebinar’s staff, where he taught a Machine Learning course using Tensorflow and Python.

Currently, he is developing various Artificial Intelligence models and papers with teachers from different universities in the world.

He is a transhumanist that defends that the responsibility of each human is doing the best for the future of all beings.