Goffredo Giordano
Advisory Board & Honorary Member

Mr. Goffredo Giordano is the former Chief Marketing Officer and Ambassador to Italy. He is also former Editorial Board member and contributing editor of the 2019 Issue of TAFFD’s Magazine of the Future. Additionally he was member of the organizing committee of TAFFD’s 2020 International Conference – Future Africa: Sustaining the Source, held in April 2020. He stepped down as a TAFFD’s Officer in July 2020 and remained as Advisory Board Member and as Honorary Member of TAFFD’s.

Goffredo converges emerging technologies into radical dynamic dimensions and neural fabrics built through knowledge, people, things and places. He is a foolish driver to disruptive innovation, a transformational leader, an international advisor hybridized with emphatic skills and problem solving mindset.

3x Hacker (gray hat hacker | future hacker | biohacker), pursuing the improvement of human physical and cognitive skills, overcoming the current space-time limits. Along the years, Goffredo has built several impressive relationships between individuals, communities, sciences and frontier techs. He received awards from Institutions and Universities about innovation and social issues.

Goffredo manages C-level roles for more than twenty years, he founded and co-founded companies, he is a senior information technology architect, a cyber security analyst and also a creative digital transformation strategist.

Lifeboat Foundation member of the Board of Advisors, Singularity University Ventures Global Startup Mentor, United States Transhumanist Party (USTP) Member and pro-bono advisor of several foundations, global-nonprofit organizations and high-tech startups.

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