Kristen Conklin
Contributing Editor

Kristen Conklin is an Electrical Engineer & Graphic Designer graduated from the Florida Atlanta University. She has collaborated as an engineer and technical specialist in different companies including Bechtel Power Corporation, Lighting Dynamics, Inc., and MultiTrode. In regards to her specialties, she is an expert in Electrical Design, Mechanical/HVAC Design, AutoCAD.

As a TAFFD’s contributing editor, she writes articles on a regular basis, working as a freelancer. The articles she writes are aimed at bridging gaps of knowledge between neuroscientists and electrical engineers, and to raise awareness about the ethics needed to secure absolute human rights globally (e.g. cognitive liberty, mental privacy, mental integrity, psychological continuity). I serve as an expert resource reviewing articles associated with the TAFFD’s magazine for factual accuracy. She provides input on the direction of other articles to assist the author.