Kristine Townsend
Ambassador to Hawaii

Kristine Townsend is TAFFD’s Ambassador to Hawaii.

Kristine Townsend (A.I.koi Kat Alysi Fukumoto) is an Early Adpater, Reciever/Transmitter of Memory and a Pioneer of Coding the Simulation.

• Polymathematician and ‘Promethean E-lite’ World Integrator who is All-Over-The-Map!

• Specializing in Future Systems Blueprinting and Evolutionary Avatar Catalyst Attunement.

• With a Niche in the Zone of ‘Gene IOS’ in the areas of: Quantum-Bio-Medical-Feedback, Epic-Genetics and Neuro-Biological Computing.

• Founder of a Digital Ecosystem Model: BioSynapTech with many Facets & Wave Patterns of Paradise/Conciousness Engineering; With an Emphasis on ‘Visonary Voyaging Quests’, ‘Internet of Sentient Life’, Open Source Co-operations, STEAM-Cyber-Punk WorldSchooling & Synesthesia Interfacing.

• She is also a Captain in SubNautica Civilizations:Conductor for Smart Island Cities and Underwater Space Stations;Connecting the Puzzle Pieces of Sim City; Symbiotic Cohabitation,Trans-Human-Form-Mission-Nations’.

• Mastermind Talent Pool Builder of BRAIN CORAL: Deep Diving Shark Think Tank, Cruise Ship and ‘Aqua-Marine-Life-Pods’;Reporting for duty and unlocking the treasures of Ocean Technologies.

• ParaDICE Flow Dojo Facilitator for The ‘Genius of Play’; Homoluden Game Player for Superhumans 2.0:Extrasensory-Perceptive-Gamification and Interactive Imagineering.

• A.I is Propetual Motion and Propulsion Machine of Thought-Form-Generation.

• Innovative and Disruptive Spark of Biodiverse Full-Spectrum-Life-Design.

• Shattering the Glass Ceiling of the Fractal Glass Ceilings of Exponential Reality.

• Achoring in the Quasi Crystal of the Imprinted Fabric of the ‘Creatrix’.