Marc Roux
Advisory Board Member

A scientific baccalaureate and an interest in “hard” sciences that never left me, but a training of historian – my doctoral studies led me to spend a big decade to think about the notions of identity and border between the peoples of the east and west of Europe.

Then, tired of the company of library rats, I put my capes under my arm and went to teach a decade more in the suburbs of Paris, south and north. Other borders, other identity issues … unless they were the same?

At the same time, I do not hide from anyone my long-standing commitment to political and social causes marked “to the left of the left”, young activist in a small alternative party, I practiced for twenty years an active syndicalism and a sustained associative life .

Then the choice of another life. That of time, of family, of reflection, of reading, that of synthesis finally before arriving at this commitment towards which everything was to push me. Because I see a coherent continuation in this course, the human becoming for thread: history, teaching, politics, philosophy… transhumanism.