Miguel Rafael Genovea
Chief Operating Officer

An Ambassador of Change, I work with joy and great privilege serving “the disadvantaged and employable populations who rely on public aid”, by managing all available community resources including daily job leads, work training, employment activity, and contributing to and hosting public events, in collaborative effort with all community non-profit and business partners who also actively pursue the common goal of improving our beneficiaries’ lives through effective and caring service.

At best, I perform as motivational leader for clients seeking growth and self-sufficiency in my current role as GROW (General Relief Opportunities for Work) Services Worker for the Department of Public Social Services (D.P.S.S.) in Los Angeles County. To this end I have voluntarily engaged at LinkedIn, in response to not only a promotional change in 2017, but to also facilitate greater avenues for growth and overall development in order to better serve.

A partial glimpse at my recent work history features skilled expertise in various fields such as Public Service Politics, Business Management (Customer Service, Production, Print Traffic, Recycling, Retail, Workflow, Warehouse), Printing & Publishing Pre-Press, Artistic Graphic Design, Event Staffing, Social Media Content Creation, and Entrepreneurship among other personal, professional, and altruistic endeavors.

Seeking innovative ideologies and new knowledge as a lifelong-learner I understand, that in the new paradigm borne out of the latest machine-learning technology, transformative leadership is crucial for socio-political progress and key to our continued relevance within a complex global economy.

Adaptively overcoming career interruptions due to technological upheavals encourages recognition of unique opportunities and erstwhile dormant potential. Together, let us excel with grit and passion along these paths of discovered possibilities made available and yet to come. Join us in our commitment of building stronger communities!