Nabhit Kapur
Advisory Board Member

A global advocate and relentless crusader of promoting mental health, Prof. Nabhit Kapur, Psy.D, from India, envisages a world free of mental health stigmas and taboos. Through his exemplary work, indefatigable spirit and passionate endeavours he has been able to bring impactful transformative changes in several parts of the world including the African continent and the Middle East. A PsychoPreneur, author, TEDx speaker and globally decorated ambassador of mental health and peace with over 200 recognitions from 30 countries, Kapur, is perhaps the youngest psychologist in the contemporary world, and only one from India, leading this remarkable movement to make mental health a household name.

Acclaimed as one of the world’s most influential psychologist by the FAAVM-Canada, Prof. Kapur is the founder President of PeacfulMind Foundation (PMF). Based in New Delhi, PeacfulMind Foundation (PMF) is a global organization registered with the United Nations (U.N.) Global Compact and United Nations DESA. The foundation is present in more than 36 countries across the world. PeacfulMind Foundation (PMF) Fellowship program and Global Chamber of Business Leaders has also been recognized for establishing one of the most successful Mental Health forums in the world called the Global Youth Mental Health Forum (GYMHF), a platform for youths to train in psychological first aid.

Combining his skills as a psychologist and his passion as a social entrepreneur Kapur has established various successful entities like PeacfulMind health innovations in Zimbabwe, PeacfulMind center of happiness, tolerance and leadership in UAE, PeacfulMind Center of Leadership Excellence in Ghana etc with PeacfulMind Foundation as a success platform in Nigeria, Senegal, South Sudan, UK, Canada, Uganda etc. His organization has several initiatives to his credit like the PMF fellowships and ambassadors, global academy of psychological science, the SPARK kit etc. In a unique initiative called as Open mic mental health karaoke, he is helping and spreading the need of mental health well-being by peer tutoring. With this multi-pronged approach, Prof. Kapur has been able to successfully transform PeacfulMind Foundation (PMF), into a global entity with a world record of serving more than 36 countries across the globe.

In a short span of time, Kapur has done path breaking work in Africa. His remarkable and astonishing journey in Africa has brought him in global limelight. Through his work on mental health issues, aimed towards removing social stigmas and promoting positive mental health in society, Kapur has been able to develop a strong Africa connection, during the last couple of years. He has been recognized as the Ambassador of Mental Health and Psychology in Malawi. This nomination came as a recognition of his commendable work across Africa towards the advocacy and promotion of better mental health through psychology. Being a social sector entrepreneur, Kapur was named as the ‘most influential friend of Africa’ by Business in Africa magazine in September 2019 issue and was appointed as the Social Impact advisor to the Vice President of Liberia. Recently, in November 2019 he was also nominated as the first non-African Ambassador designate to the state of African diaspora with a mandate from African Union (AU). He believes that these recognitions are a result of the work which he has initiated in different parts of the world. ‘Son of Africa’ is something he really cherishes as most of his work has been in Africa. He considers it’s so humbling to see that people of Africa like him and his activities, and these awards are a great motivation to move forward. Kapur is also on the board of organizations like PALEDC in Nigeria, which works on various activities in entrepreneurship development in Africa, Alex pay, which is a mobile payment system in Africa, and Pan African foundation, in which he is the chairman. What’s truly remarkable is that all these organizations and many more have trusted a non-African to have an impact in their organizations and countries, through a leadership role. To widen the scope and mission to involve the African Diaspora more towards the continent, Prof. Kapur would be announcing the Global Chamber of Business Leaders (GCBL) to connect the continent with diaspora and vice versa; with a strong dialogue and mark the 60th year of return.

Through his exemplary leadership he is the harbinger of a new era, when mental health would be given its due importance sans the social stigma. However, for that, more concerted efforts at the global as well as the grassroot level are required. He still feels, that mental health is largely an ignored issue among a large section of global population, including youth and people have a negative perception about mental health and don’t see it as an important issue as most of the times they don’t even know that it exists. Through his passionate social interventions and ground work, Prof. Kapur wants to exhort everyone to join this movement aimed towards making mental health a necessary aspect of everyone’s life.