Olga Gulkova
Advisory Board Member

Managing director MiaVend, founder of GK IT company, ex. SVP, Lean and Innovation TBI Bank.

Olga is a professional with over 18 years experience in banking sector, and 6 years – on top executive positions. She started her career  in 2002 as a loan officer in ProcreditBank Ukraine.

Since 2005, she gained management experience in various fields: credit control, lending organizational unit, credit bank office, project management. In this period, Olga built up her expertise in project management in collateral assessment activity, centralization of back-office functions, implementation of lending and collection system, implementation of CRM, revision of operational forms and reports. In 2013, Olga moved to USB Bank where she became Deputy Chairman of the Board, responsible for project management, IT, legal, back office and training departments. In 2016, she joined the management of the IT company RootsD, where she was in charge of the development and implementation of digital platform and processes in the financial sector. And from there – moved to TBI Bank Bulgaria as Director of lean and innovation, and member of management board in TBI credit Romania.

Up to date, two financial institutions were built from scratch, and one bank transformed to digital, three development competences were built in order to support banks and financial companies to create, understand, evolve and consistently benefit from high tech solutions. Lean methodology were successfully injected into banking governance in order to create spirit and practice of constant evolution of business. 

Moving to an artificial intelligence topic deeper, Olga found a courage to implement deep learning solution in vending sphere, making a mutual relationships between classical retailer, fintech and machine learning. During 2019 and 2020, she successfully graduated in Moscow state university in Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence and in MIT (Massachusetts Institute of technology) in “Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy”.