Peter Ugochukwu Aloh
Associate Editor

I am Peter Ugochukwu Aloh from Imo State, Nigeria. I have studied Arts in Philosophy. I am currently working as an associate editor in Claretian Institute of Philosophy (Affiliate of  Urban University Rome and Imo State University Owerri).

About me:

I am a person with effective communication and motivational skills who believes in proper management.  I also have strong analytical skills needed to grasp the complexities of issues in order to propose sound solutions and make correct decisions. Above all, I have both a sense of empathy and intersubjectivity imbued with the right values and motives that make me believe and work with the disposition that the balance and dignity of human life depend on equality of opportunity and freedom from want for all.

Vision Statement

Reduction and elimination of poverty of the mind and body for all human citizens.

Mission Statement

The mission to be outstretched to the limit as an example of excellence to those coming after me by making any person I meet in life better than I met him/her and making any place I will ever be better than I met it.