R. Michael Fisher
Advisory Board Member

A born and raised Canadian pioneer of the ecological and metaphysical worlds, Fisher began as a field naturalist in his early teens, becoming a wildlife technician and then environmental biologist in his early 20s and a science educator in late 20s, with several degrees: Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and The University of Calgary. In his 30s he explored human behavior, therapy and counseling psychology, bringing forward his gifts as a keen observer and artist to practice in the field of expressive arts therapies with behaviorally disordered adolescents and their families. Eventually he moved into graduate education in Adult Learning and acquired a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Design from the University of British Columbia. His informal and formal education since late 1989 has been to focus on the study of fear and fearlessness from a transdisciplinary perspective, on what he sees as the universal deepest sources of the human-planetary crisis and its solutions. His dissertation is entitled: “Fearless Leadership In and Out of the ‘Fear’ Matrix” (2003).

Since the beginning of his career he has founded several organizations as a philosopher, fearologist and an educational consultant. Most notably he serves as current Director of The In Search of Fearlessness Research Institute, The Fearology Institute and the moderator of the Fearlessness Movement ning. His efforts at building a new educational system and support and mentoring of young people wanting to study fear is a primary distinction which he is known for around the world. He is author of hundreds of publications, many in peer reviewed scholarly journals, and many in popular culture. He is currently founder and senior editor of International Journal of Fear Studies. His books, solo and co-authored, include The World’s Fearlessness Teachings: A Critical Integral Approach to Fear Management/ Education for the 21st Century (2010), Philosophy of Fearism: A First East-West Dialogue (2016), Fearless Engagement of Four Arrows (2018) and others. He’s recently been awarded the 2019 Tilmati Bhyabad Fearism Award from Nepal for his work on advancing the studies on the philosophy of fearism. Currently he serves on the faculty of the Werklund School of Education, The University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.