Roberto Rutigliani
Honorary Board Member

Roberto Rutigliani began his training in 2001 as a product manager in the T / A sector, with a passion in the area of forecasting socio-economics. He then continued his self-study studies buying books in the field and exploring computer graphics programs and computer languages. In 2007 he graduated in Digital & Virtual Design at the European Institute of Design and opened a communication agency. He began his adventure traveling in Europe for about two years, making free photo shoots for events and selling travel packages for music festivals. From 2011 to 2017 he continued his experiences in emotional sales, refining the technique of negotiating and closing contracts to the management of the sales network and the training of salespeople. Always driven by a strong curiosity and challenge-oriented, over the years he became passionate about digital marketing, the study of business models, online role-playing games, and gaming on platforms. He deepened his studies with an Executive Master in Web Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Community Management and Graphic Design at Sida Group and began his work as a consultant and Account Executive for public relations and communication agencies.

Currently enrolled in the Ninja Academy he attends Masters and online courses specializing in the role of Digital Startegist.

Fond of Strategy and business models and lover of holistic marketing, he founded the Bhagprojects Onlus Association with the aim of recruiting, supporting and financing projects of companies, associations and start-ups that use new technologies to reach Global Goals in favor of sustainable development. He currently works as Chief Digital Officer & Chief Transformation Officer to offer companies adequate advice to deal with the digital transformation in the right way!”