Sérgio Brodsky
Innovation Advisory Board

Sérgio Brodsky (L.LM, MBA) is a respected TAFFD’s Innovation Advisory Board Member and Honorary Member. He is Head of Strategy and Innovation at Nunn Media, Australia’s largest independent media agency. He is also Founder of strategy and innovation consultancy SURGE, Marketing Lecturer at RMIT, Columnist and Editorial Board Advisor at Marketing Magazine, Columnist at The Fifth Estate, Chairman of the prestigious The Marketing Academy, alumni, and recipient of multiple awards and honours in the marketing, media and advertising industry. His drive for making the world a better place is what enabled him to conceiving a radically innovative model to brand communications he coined Urban Brand-Utility (UBU), through which a brand’s touch-points become the deliverers of public utility services, underpinned by a circular revenue model. Sérgio began his career as an IP lawyer and progressed as a high-tech military consultant before pivoting towards brand strategy, media and innovation, internationally. UBU has been widely published and took Sergio to high-profile stages worldwide.

Follow him on Twitter @brandKzar and for more, go to www.sergio-brodsky.com