Tom E. Ross
Chief Partnership Officer

Tom Ross in TAFFD’s is in charge of partnership, sponsorship, and endorsement negotiations. His is the strategist that liaise with institutions, association and groups to find meaning in what TAFFD’s does.

However, Tom is an author, AI Metaphysician, Director of Marketing, a National Creative Director for the second largest Radio Broadcasting Company in America amongst many other hats that he dons.

He is one of the brains behind the Open Source Mode (OSM)- which is a cooperative directive which strives to accentuate certain characteristics of human efforts to better collaborate with an Artificially Intelligent (AI) co-worker. He formally introduced the OSM to the global community in the year 2013 through his TEDxTalk. OSM operates to re-shape human/AI cooperative workflow before installation so that based on its human-potential narrative it can reassert employee confidence and direct the complementary skillsets of human creativity, empathy and niche expertise at problem-finding. OSM comes in handy in an atmosphere of increased AI presence and proliferation which has given rise to an anxious backlash, which left unchecked could hinder an otherwise fluid and productive integration.

As a Political Operative Tom Ross testified before Congress in support of the “Anti-Spam” Bill. As a Director of Marketing for an Internet firm his testimony put Permission Marketing into the Congressional Record. This eventually launched a parallel path for him as End-User advocate. He was later appointed by the Governor of California to a Department of Consumer Affairs Board.

Tom Ross is a name to reckon with as a Creative Professional too. As a National Creative Director for the second largest Radio Broadcasting Company in America, he designed a system to mine, test then scale ideas and marketing campaigns while coalescing creative teams across hundreds of stations nationwide. He has produced creative assets for brand names like IBM, Microsoft and Styx among others. He has also Creative Consulted for socially relevant work like the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute and Sir Bob Geldof’s

Tom Ross was named an officer of the United States Transhumanist Party as the Director of Media Production.

He has left an indelible mark as an author and AI Metaphysician also. His novel series US6 is designed for both human and mediated Artificial Super- Intelligence (mASI) systems. Using a mathematical structure and the Principle of Correspondence the books are designed to spark and foster consciousness via contextual feedback loops.