Viktor Konovalov
Advisory Board Member

Viktor Konovalov is the Director of Brand Development at and the Senior Corporate Identity Expert at Dragon Rouge, a world-leading branding agency that had received a Gold Effie Award in 2017 and a Gold Transform Magazine Award in 2016. Viktor has a Masters in Marketing (2008) from the National Academy of Management, Kyiv, and a Masters in Information Technologies and Information Security (2004) from the National Technical University, Kyiv.

Mr. Konovalov has turned ideas into reality for many companies starting with Brand Live, which was acquired by Microsoft, Green Battery LTD, and most recently investing and helping growth blockchain projects such as Kuna exchange, DMarket, Kickico, Anzyze, Hacken, Veda, and Emotiq. He is a brilliant designer and marketer, who started to see opportunities in cryptocurrency in early 2007 and had founded the AntiBank project in Ukraine – the first company which goal was to raise financial grammar in people of post-Soviet Union countries. Viktor Konovalov also is an Angel Investor, whos aim to develop innovations in various branches: sun batteries, biotech, blockchain, AR\VR. He invested into two prominent projects in biotech industry as well: a non-contact diagnostic methodology Emolyze and a non-chemical synthesis facility for Mars, validated by NASA and ROSATOM called Marsarra. His last project called could help to diagnose COVID-19 in the air.