Infinite Learning: Principles to help you learn, become and create anything

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As our world is increasingly upended by technological advances in different sectors of our economy and as the job market becomes affected by the new realities of our techno-scientific digital revolution a new order has emerged and as a result, a learning need has been created for both students and workers. Therefore, there is a need for a new science and art of learning that can help students prepare themselves for the new economy that is rapidly placing new demands on human capabilities. What the market defines as value has changed and what it demands is now a new kind of mastery to match this reality. This kind of learning can only be achieved through a new science of personal development, one that attends to the learner’s capacity to learn, master and create. Infinite learning is a set of cognitive skills and mindset that are validated through scientific process to help anyone who undertakes it to learn how to learn anything, master anything and create anything. This student’s guidebook has been prepared by the learning coach Ugo Chukwu to help students incorporate these principles, ideas and strategies into their learning and work for optimal performance in their work and to prepare them to face the new realities of our techno-scientific world.