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TAFFD's Magazine

TAFFD’s Magazine is building integrity as the global destination for news, current updates, advertising and research medium. We have traversed the world industries of robotics, information technology, communications, education, journalism, dispute resolution, silicon value industries, telecommunication, politics, marriage, family,  agriculture, economies, sports and more to avail you of what is happening around you. We aim to offer you integrated print and online advertising opportunities to ensure advertisers can easily extend their messaging impacts across all media platforms. Amidst the changing curves in media communities, the TAFFD’s would be, as usual, the most important reading for influential continents in all arena and for discerning readers and customers across the world. We expect to be an important aspect of your advertisement program in the year to come. In 2019, TAFFD’s magazine was launched to provide a briefing on global affairs, business, culture, design and much more. We believed that there was a globally minded audience of readers who were hungry for opportunities and experiences beyond their national borders. TAFFDs Magazine is a branch of Transdisciplinary Agora For Future Discussions Inc. The Magazine is a global centered magazine that welcome write ups from Africa, Europe, America and Asia. Basically, it focuses on getting: 1. Groundbreaking articles in Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, and Digital Fabrications, Fearism, Networks and Computing System, Medicine and Neuroscience, Design, Entrepreneurship, Communication, Finance, and Economics, Future Studies and Forecasting, Policy, Law & Ethics, Humanitarian Challenges and Balneology. 2. Investigations – Political Corruptions, Serious Crimes and Cooperate Wrong Doings. 3. Review/Constructive Criticism -Administrative Reviews -Political Reviews – Review of Mainline Books – Company Reviews 4. Evaluation/Nomination – Five best books of the year – Five best cooperate, leaders of the year, – Five best presidents of the year and – Five best Entrepreneurs of the year. 5. Social/Emotive Corner – Family/Marriage – Human Behaviors: Love, Hatred, Happiness 6. Poetry GLOBAL WEEKDAY THEME SECTIONS AND DISTRIBUTION Nationwide economy and politics (Monday-Friday) Technology/ Science Times (Monday) Sports (Tuesday/ Weekend) Culture/Arts/ (Thursday) Real Estate/ Aviation/ Immigration (Fridays) Food / Hospitality (Wed.) Styles (Saturday) Legal / Religion/ Society (Wednesday / Friday) For submission of articles and papers: Sarita Sharma, Ph.D (Editor in Chief) Email: dr.sarits@taffds.org Phone: +919435084910 For Advertising in Magazine Sam Gohil (CTO) Email:  sam@taffds.org Phone: +91 8866156104  

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International Board of Referees
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